Photos: Keene

These photos were taken on May 25 in Keene. A man rides his bicycle outside the Keene food co-op. People walk down Main Street. World War II veteran Jim Johnston of Keene, seated, and Vietnam war... Read more »

Environmental Victory

In Northfield, Massachusetts, near Greenfield, 142 acres of farmland, forest, streams and ponds will soon be permanently protected from development, David Kotker told the Valley Post on May 19. He... Read more »

Photo: Greenfield Rally

Last year, a Massachusetts state employee failed to show up for eight appointments with a four-year-old boy whose survival the employee was responsible for. The boy died. His name was Jeremiah... Read more »

Holyoke Workers Unite

Workers at a high school in Holyoke are organizing a union. “We have more than a dozen members out of about 35 workers,” Sofia Lemons told the Valley Post on May 14. She is a math teacher at... Read more »

Photo: Solidarity Victory

On May 14, a work day, at 8:30 a.m., dozens of people in Springfield showed up at a rally and stopped a multi-billion dollar bank from evicting a low-income family. Organizers say the bank may try... Read more »