Mental Health Workers' Rally for Justice is April 1

Andrew Berger has worked in Northampton for a government-funded agency for almost four years. His title is clinical mental health counselor. He and his 350 or so co-workers might go on strike if... Read more »

Climate March is April 5

On April 5, there will be a march near Greenfield to protest a proposed pipeline that would carry fracked gas from near Albany, New York to near Boston. March organizers say the public is invited... Read more »

Towns Vote to Fight Pipeline

Four New Hampshire towns near Keene are opposing plans to build a fracked gas pipeline through their towns. The towns border Massachusetts. At annual town meeting day votes on March 10 and March... Read more »

Robin Hood Returns?

Keene resident Andrew Graham went to a recent public hearing about what to do with several large vacant buildings in the city of 23,000 people. “The former middle school should be converted to... Read more »

Activists Take to the Streets

In Vernon, Vermont, a nuclear waste dump sits three miles from Massachusetts and a stone's throw from New Hampshire. An accident at the facility could kill thousands of people and leave an area... Read more »