Rally Set for January 12

On January 12 at 1 p.m., in Wendell, Massachusetts there will be a rally to stop proposed logging of a publicly-owned forest. Wendell borders Montague, which borders Greenfield. The rally will be outside 392 Montague Road.

Climate change caused by humans will create droughts and floods that will kill millions of people, unless people start using less gas for cars, oil for heating, and electricity generated from coal. That's according to the world's leading scientists.

Stopping logging on publicly-owned land forces logging companies to buy land that would otherwise be converted to Walmarts, parking lots, roads, and vacation houses.

Apartment buildings near existing downtowns use less energy than single family homes built on farmland or in forests. In winter, heat that leaks out of one apartment often goes into another apartment, rather than into the outdoors, which happens in single family homes. People who live in apartments are less likely to need a car to get to work, school, or a grocery store. They can usually walk, ride a bicycle, or take a train or bus.

In New York City, millionaires live in apartments.

The rally's organizers are asking the public to sign this petition:


In other news from the Valley, as of January 8, about 200 people had RSVP'd for the Northampton Women's March, which is set to start January 19 at noon at Sheldon Fields. Details are at:



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