Protest Works

In a victory for education and workers' rights, protesters in Northampton got some of what they wanted when the mayor announced more school funding on June 5. As of June 7, the city council had not yet posted on its web site the minutes of its June 6 meeting. The council was to have voted on the mayor's plan at the meeting.

About 100 people rallied against proposed budget cuts at Northampton public schools, Scott McLennan told the Valley Post. He works for the teachers' union. The union has a web site atĀ The rally was on May 17.


On June 6 in Northampton, four people were arrested for blocking the loading dock to a company that makes weapons used by Israel in its war on Gaza. Much of the funding for the war comes from the US government. The Northampton activists blocked the dock for most of the day. Despite heavy rain, about 25 people attended a rally to support the four, a spokesperson told the Valley Post. The protesters have a web page at:


In Brattleboro on June 1, about 15 people were at a rally to protest Israel's war on Gaza, John Greenberg told the Valley Post. He owns the Bear Bookshop and he was at the rally.


In Amherst on June 1, about 15 people attended a rally calling on Amherst College to stop supporting Israel's war on Gaza, a spokesperson for the protesters told the Valley Post. The protesters have a web page at:


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